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Uninsured/ Underinsured motorist insurance…here’s a scary truth for you: 1 out of every 8 drivers has no insurance.

Have you ever been in an accident? Remember that gut wrenching feeling? Now, imagine the same gut-wrenching feeling multiplied when you discover the person who just totaled your car didn’t have insurance. So, what happens if you are hit by a driver without insurance? If your insurance does not cover this instance, all of your […]

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Do you have road rage? 8 out of 10 people do.

Unfortunately, road rage and aggressive driving are exceptionally common today. In a study published by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, more than 80 percent of U.S. drivers expressed significant anger, aggression, or road rage while behind the wheel at least once a year. More alarming, the findings suggest that approximately eight million U.S. drivers […]

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Did you know going straight on a green light through an intersection is one of the most dangerous scenarios for Florida drivers?

Over 60% of auto accidents at intersections are left turn accidents, in which a driver turning left hits another vehicle approaching going straight. And 95% of all left-hand turn accidents are blamed on the left-turning drivers. In almost all left-hand turn car accident cases, the driver making the left turn is found at fault. Here’s […]

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Treasure Coast Safety Alert: I-95 Deadliest Local Road This Year

Of the 41 people killed in traffic accidents on Treasure Coast roads so far this year, nine died in crashes on Interstate 95—making it the deadliest road on the Treasure Coast. To break it geographically down further, six died on US.1. and four lost their lives on Florida’s Turnpike. The only other roads with more […]

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Are electric cars more likely to catch fire?

In a perfect world, no one would ever die or be injured in an electric vehicle accident. But in the real world, accidents are inevitable. Tesla has experienced some bumps and bruises lately, as a few of its “smart cars” have been involved in head-on collisions. Just last week, two teenagers driving a 2014 Model […]

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What Counts as Distracted Driving?

Jennifer Smith doesn’t like the term “accident.” It implies too much chance and too little culpability. A “crash” killed her mother in 2008, she insists, when her car was broadsided by another vehicle while on her way to pick up cat food. The other driver, a 20-year-old college student, ran a red light while talking […]

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Tires Older than Six Years, Even if Tread is Good, Can Fail Quickly

How old are your tires? The answer to that question could save your life. Tire age and quality might have played a factor in a recent crash on Interstate 95 in Jupiter that resulted in six fatalities, including four children from a Stuart family. Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) investigators reported tread separation—a highly dangerous situation […]

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Robot Cars Bring Potential for Hike in Traffic Congestion

Self-driving cars are expected to usher in a new era of mobility, safety, and convenience. However, transportation researchers say people will use them too much, causing major traffic complications. Experts foresee robot cars chauffeuring children to school, dance class, and baseball practice. The disabled and elderly will have new mobility. Commuters will be able to […]

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Car Seat Safety: Quick Tips You Need to Know

Every parent knows what it’s like to rush out the door and quickly leave the house, child in tow. When you finally make it to the car, snacks packed, shoes on, a favorite toy in hand, you quickly strap your little one into their car seat and get on your way. But is your child […]

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Siri and Hands-Free Technology are Not Risk-Free for Drivers

As more states ban texting and impose limits on handheld cell phone use while driving, motorists are increasingly resorting to alternate technologies. Hands-free systems, which allow users to operate phones without touching them, have long been touted as a safer alternative to physically holding the device while texting or talking. However, a new University of […]

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Driverless Cars Still a Thing of the Future

With all of the technology advances of the twenty-first century, jumping into a car, telling it where to go, then sitting back and enjoying the ride might seem like a soon-to-be reality; however, driverless cars remain a distant dream. At the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, autonomous car expert for Honda, Yoichi Sugimoto, claimed it will […]

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