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Like the historical military installation it’s named after, Fort Pierce is a bastion of comfort and security for the families that live there. As the seat of St. Lucie County, the city also protects local interests through the hard work of elected officials and full-time employees.

In this same vein, Steve Hoskins and his team of experienced lawyers protect the rights of injury victims in Fort Pierce to seek compensation from any liable parties. Our Fort Pierce personal injury lawyers are there any time you need us to file an injury claim on your behalf, assemble the needed evidence, and stay with you through the course of the claims process — all the way up to a civil trial if need be.

If you have been injured in Fort Pierce as a result of a car accident, slip, and fall, dog bite, negligent property owner, or other incidents, know that you can have an attorney at your side to represent your legal and financial interests. A successful claim can yield a settlement or court award to compensate you for all available damages. 

Damages awarded for a successful injury claim commonly include money for:
  • Medical billsPrescriptions and other treatment-related expensesLost wagesPain and sufferingMental anguishPermanent disability or disfigurement
Fort Pierce injury victims can receive a free case review regarding their potential claim when they contact us today online or by calling 866-460-1990. Your call could start the process of forming a case that can help you get your life, your finances, and your future back on track.

Common Causes of Personal Injury in Fort Pierce

A devastating injury can happen at any time and any place. These injuries can be quite costly in terms of not just immediate medical care expenses but also the growing long-term costs. If the accident that led to your injury was not your fault, you could potentially be entitled to compensation from anyone who was negligent, including individuals, businesses, and their insurance companies.

Common sources of personal injury in Fort Pierce include:

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), unintentional injury is the leading cause of death for individuals from 1 to 44 years old. Looking at the CDC’s statistics for non-fatal injuries treated in emergency departments, unintentional falls, car accidents, and animal bites/stings are all some of the most common reasons for a visit.

Florida is particularly prone to dangerous and deadly car accidents. According to the state’s department of motor vehicles (DMV), 395,785 crashes occurred in Florida in 2016. 5,223 of these accidents involved alcohol use, causing 3,160 injuries and 461 tragic deaths that could have possibly been avoided had a driver not made negligent decisions.

Focusing on St. Lucie County, where Fort Pierce is located, 5,062 crashes occurred in 2017, leading to 3,093 total injuries and 41 fatalities.

These statistics illustrate just how much impact car accidents have on individuals. If one were to estimate the medical costs associated with all of these crashes, the total would be astronomical.

How Fort Pierce Personal Injury Victims Can Pursue Compensation

Victims injured in a car accident in Fort Pierce or any other incident have legal rights to pursue negligent parties in many instances. They can draw up a personal injury claim with insurers representing these negligent parties. If the claim is not met with a settlement offer, the case can potentially proceed to a lawsuit and a civil trial.

Florida’s negligence laws allow injured victims to bring forth a claim any time their injury was caused by actions that were either intentional or negligent. To prove negligence, victims have to establish that the perpetrator of the action that led to the injury incident:

  1. Had a duty of care to avoid the conditions or actions that led to the incident.
  2. Breached that duty by breaking the law or failing to exercise “ordinary care” as a “reasonable person” would.
  3. Not only breached that duty but that it led directly to an injury or other damages.
  4. And his/her breach of duty caused measurable damages.

Statute of limitations laws allows for injury victims to bring forth a claim or lawsuit within four years of the incident happening, in most cases.

Florida’s comparative fault laws (§768.81), however, note that victims may have their court awards reduced if they are found to have partially contributed to the circumstances that led to their own injury. If, for example, someone injured in a car accident failed to yield at an intersection and that mistake was given 20% responsibility for the accident occurring, then the most they can claim is 80% of the total assessed damages.

What Happens When You File a Claim with the Help of a Fort Pierce Personal Injury Attorney

Plenty of injury claims are straightforward. With the help of an injury attorney in Fort Pierce, claimants are able to estimate their total damages—past and future—and request this amount from liability insurers representing the liable party. After some negotiations, a settlement can often be reached.

However, some claims may be disputed by insurers or allegedly at-fault parties. They may say that all of your medical bills are not eligible for recovery, for example, because some expenses were not necessary. They may also try to dispute fault, claiming that they were somehow not responsible.

When two parties cannot agree on an injury claim, a personal injury attorney will usually have to provide stronger evidence for their case or take the case to an actual lawsuit. Personal injury claims are rarely brought to court in this way, but attorneys are willing to take this step if it is the only method victims have available to recover their damages.

Find a Personal Injury Lawyer in Fort Pierce Willing to Fight for You

Filing your own claim can put you under an enormous amount of pressure. Insurers may attempt to make you an unfair offer, or they can try to ask leading questions that get you to do things like admitting partial liability for your own injuries.

A Fort Pierce personal injury attorney negotiates with everyone on your behalf and files all the needed paperwork. During the course of your claim, he/she will keep you informed and in control of major decisions while advising you of the best course of action.

Steve Hoskins has been providing personalized services that go above and beyond these standards, so each client can feel he/she is getting the attention and expertise needed. Our injury lawyers at our Fort Pierce office work hard to give your claim the best chances of success.

Find out how we can assist you after your injury by scheduling a free consultation. Contact us online or call now at 866-460-1990, and you can begin speaking to a lawyer and potentially starting the claims process during a free initial appointment.

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