Car Accidents in Florida Can Be Devastating. Attorney Steve Hoskins and His Team of Personal Injury Lawyers Will Help You Get Your Life Back on Track

An auto accident can happen at any time in Florida, possibly leaving you with serious injuries and substantial medical bills. Every month, Florida’s roads see over 30,000 car crashes, according to the state’s reporting system. Individuals who get caught in these accidents may not be able to get the personal injury claims they seek without the strategic guidance and indispensable services of an experienced Florida car accident attorney.

Florida Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney, Steve Hoskins, and his team of personal injury lawyers understand the pain, confusion, and anxiety you’re likely experiencing after your car crash. Attorney Steve Hoskins has been fighting for accident victims for almost 40 years. And our entire personal injury team has over 200 years of combined experience helping clients just like you seek all the compensation you are entitled to after an accident.

Damages You Could Be Entitled to after Your Accident Injury

Florida law allows for car accident victims to seek damages from liable parties in the event that they sustain serious, permanent injuries.

For another driver to be found “liable” for an accident, that driver must have been acting negligently. That negligence must have also directly caused the accident, which directly led to an injury or other damages. Common types of driver negligence in Florida include speeding, failure to yield, following too closely, driving recklessly, or driving under the influence of substances.

Unfortunately, while all of these mistakes are avoidable, they happen far too often on Florida’s streets and highways. For instance, Florida’s Highway Safety office documents that 5,125 crashes in 2017 involved alcohol use and 668 involved drugs. In total, 2017 DUI crashes in Florida caused 3,624 injuries and 648 deaths.

To file a personal injury claim against an individual or their liability insurance carrier after an accident, you need to be able to prove that their behavior was negligent and that this negligence directly led to your injuries. Since Florida is a comparative fault state, you need to prove that you contributed minimally to no fault for the accident, as well.

If you can convince an insurer to grant you a settlement or a court to rule in your favor, you could be entitled to reimbursement for the full costs of your medical bills and treatment. You could also potentially receive compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, lost domestic services, and permanent disability depending on the nature of your claim.

Why You Should Consider Working with Experienced Florida Auto Accident Lawyers

Filing your personal injury claim can be intimidating and confusing. You must provide evidence that your accident was the fault of another party, and you must also document your expenses in detail to justify that they were necessary to treat your injuries and were directly caused by the accident. Yet most of all you’ll need to be ready to deal with the insurance adjuster and legal team who sometimes try to bully the innocent party into accepting less money than they are entitled to receive. 

A skilled personal injury auto accident lawyer, especially a Board Certified expert like Attorney Steve Hoskins, can provide the tough support and expertise you need during this trying time. Mr. Hoskins and his legal team can represent you with a powerful and persuasive legal strategy while negotiating with intimidating insurance companies on your behalf.

With their experience navigating the claims process and the court system, your Florida car accident lawyer Steve Hoskins can alleviate the stress you face after your accident while increasing your chances of successfully recovering all available damages.

Always remember that you do not have to suffer the financial consequences of your auto accident alone. Major injuries can be life-changing, and the medical costs that come with them can weigh on your future. Being able to recover financially after an auto accident can, therefore, mean the difference between getting your life back on track.

What to Do After You Have Been in an Auto Accident

Your first actions after a car accident should always be to quickly check on the status of everyone, call 911, request for police to come to the scene of the accident, and request an ambulance for any hurt parties, including yourself.

Then, make sure to exchange insurance information with the drivers of the other vehicles involved. Take pictures of the damage to your vehicle, the scene of the accident, and your injuries. Ask if any witnesses would mind recording statements of what they saw. If you are too injured to move around after your accident, ask someone else to take photos or witness statements for you.

Seek needed medical attention as soon as you can. Since many auto accident injuries can emerge days or even weeks later, do not wait to have a full medical examination.

After seeking treatment for your injuries, keep copies of all of your medical bills, including those that are covered by insurance. Also, track your work absence slips and any paychecks you missed as a result of your injury.

Ask your doctor to provide extensive, detailed documentation in his or her case reports. You may choose to write down your concerns about the medical treatment you received or the pain that was caused by your injuries.

Insurance companies may contact you for information about the accident or to persuade you to prematurely accept a financial settlement. Before you speak with an insurance company, strongly consider speaking with a Florida car crash lawyer. Your attorney can make sure that you are not pressured into making a decision that goes against the interests of you and your family.

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