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Ask a Bankruptcy Attorney: “Can I keep my assets in Chapter 7 bankruptcy?”

Filing for bankruptcy can be a challenging decision, and understanding how it impacts your assets is crucial. In Florida, bankruptcy laws provide certain exemptions that allow individuals to protect specific assets from liquidation. In this blog, Bankruptcy Attorney Colin Lloyd and Bankruptcy Attorney Justin Lefko, explain what assets you may be able to keep in […]

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5 financial insights from a Port St. Lucie Bankruptcy Attorney

As the new year unfolds, it’s the perfect time to reflect on your financial habits, set new goals, and embark on a journey toward a more secure and prosperous future. Whether you’re aiming to save more, reduce debt, or make smarter investment decisions, adopting financial resolutions can pave the way for a healthier financial outlook. […]

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Ask our Attorneys: Should I file for bankruptcy after the holidays?

The holiday season can bring about a tremendous amount of financial stress. From gift-giving pressure to travel expenses, there is a lot of pressure to be generous and spend above your means. If you are feeling overwhelmed with debt and concerned about finances, know that you are not alone. In a recent survey, more than […]

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Payments for student loans have resumed. Here’s what you need to know.

Repayments for federal student loans have resumed and are now accruing interest. If you have concerns about making monthly payments, there are additional debt relief options available. From his 2020 presidential campaign, President Joe Biden has promised federal student loan forgiveness for hundreds of thousands of borrowers. However, Biden’s big loan relief plan to erase […]

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Benefits of Filing for Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy may seem scary at first and a “last resort option.” However, filing for bankruptcy can be very beneficial to individuals or businesses facing overwhelming financial challenges. It’s important to understand that bankruptcy is a solution that can help you get a fresh start. In this blog, we provide six benefits of filing […]

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Bankruptcy vs. debt consolidation: Which option is right for you?

Across the Treasure Coast, families and small businesses are feeling the effects of a tightening economy. In the past twelve months, personal and business bankruptcy filings have increased by 10 percent compared with the previous year. As a result, individuals and businesses within our community are asking our bankruptcy attorneys about the differences between fiing […]

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A comprehensive guide to filing for bankruptcy in St. Lucie County

Filing for bankruptcy can be a complex and challenging process. However, it can also offer a fresh start and relief from overwhelming debts. If you reside in Port St. Lucie or Fort Pierce, and are considering bankruptcy as a viable option, this blog will serve as a helpful guide. Here, we outline the key steps […]

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How does filing for bankruptcy impact your credit score?

Many people who are considering filing for bankruptcy are concerned about how it will impact their credit score. A bankruptcy can stay on your credit reports for up to 10 years; however, filing for bankruptcy can actually improve your credit score. Our Port St. Lucie bankruptcy attorneys explain how. How bankruptcy appears on your credit […]

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7 signs that filling for bankruptcy is the best option for you

Attorney Justin Lefko shares 7 situations when filing for bankruptcy is the smart choice Are you feeling the impact of inflation? Throughout the Treasure Coast, current economic trends are creating financial hardships for residents. Gas prices are rising. Unemployment is high. And many small businesses are still reeling from the detrimental effects of the pandemic. […]

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Changes to the Bankruptcy Code Under the CARES Act

For anyone currently in or considering Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the new Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act has made temporary changes to the US Bankruptcy Code, including payment deferments and extensions. Also, small businesses now have more options for bankruptcy protection.

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Gather your documents for bankruptcy

When you fill out your bankruptcy paperwork, you’ll be asked to disclose information regarding your financial affairs, such as your income and expenses, assets and debts, and property transfers. Also, you’ll need to provide certain documents to prove the accuracy of the information provided. Read on to learn more about the documents and information you’ll need […]

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Verdicts and Settlements

$1.2 Million

Auto Accident Settlement

$1.6 Million

Wrongful Death Settlement

$11.1 Million

Settlement for motorcycle accident


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