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How does filing for bankruptcy impact your credit score?

Many people who are considering filing for bankruptcy are concerned about how it will impact their credit score. A bankruptcy can stay on your credit reports for up to 10 years; however, filing for bankruptcy can actually improve your credit score. Our Port St. Lucie bankruptcy attorneys explain how. How bankruptcy appears on your credit […]

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7 signs that fililing for bankruptcy is the best option for you

Attorney Justin Lefko shares 7 situations when filing for bankruptcy is the smart choice Are you feeling the impact of inflation? Throughout the Treasure Coast, current economic trends are creating financial hardships for residents. Gas prices are rising. Unemployment is high. And many small businesses are still reeling from the detrimental effects of the pandemic. […]

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Changes to the Bankruptcy Code Under the CARES Act

For anyone currently in or considering Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the new Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act has made temporary changes to the US Bankruptcy Code, including payment deferments and extensions. Also, small businesses now have more options for bankruptcy protection.

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Gather your documents for bankruptcy

When you fill out your bankruptcy paperwork, you’ll be asked to disclose information regarding your financial affairs, such as your income and expenses, assets and debts, and property transfers. Also, you’ll need to provide certain documents to prove the accuracy of the information provided. Read on to learn more about the documents and information you’ll need […]

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Thirty-two percent of Americans filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy have student loan debt

Almost 1/3 of all Americans who file for bankruptcy have student loan debt. In the past 10 years, 8.7 million bankruptcy petitions were filed in the federal courts under Chapter 7, also known as liquidation bankruptcy. Of those, 2.8 million petitions—32 percent—carried student loan debt. Why is this significant? Student loan debt is almost impossible […]

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Bankruptcy Financial Tips: Insider Secrets to Save Money on Holiday Shopping

Black Friday and Cyber Monday—that’s amateur hour! We’ve compiled a list of five holiday shopping tips from the latest issue of Reader’s Digest that’ll help you save big on your own! Track Prices Online During the holiday season, websites constantly adjust prices of items. Savvy shoppers can watch for reduced rates and buy when the […]

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Florida Homeowners Need to Beware of Loan Modification Scams

The South Florida economy appears to be slowly improving; however, many homeowners continue to struggle to pay their mortgage because of unfavorable adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) loans, negative equity, job loss and other adverse economic or personal factors. While a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy may halt a foreclosure sale and provide a viable financial […]

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Student loans have become our modern-day debtor prisons

In 2017, Vera Thomas, 62, filed for bankruptcy relief. At the time, Vera was chronically ill and had been unemployed for two years. A Dallas resident, Vera had no income, subsisted on food stamps and was facing eviction. The bankruptcy court wiped out her credit card debt, medical bills and auto loan—but not her student […]

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Living Wisely: How to save enough money for summer vacation, starting now. Cutting back on a few simple luxuries each week can add up to an August getaway!

“I need a vacation.” If you’ve been saying that to yourself lately, it’s probably true. Vacations aren’t just about letting loose and having a good time—they help people de-stress, feel happier, and even boost productivity and mood. But, summer is already here and vacations cost money. ValuePenguin found that the average cost of a four-night […]

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Timing in Bankruptcy Cases

As in lots of things, timing can be everything. And the same is true in bankruptcy cases. There are multiple reasons for filing for bankruptcy sooner as opposed to later. Yet, there are good reasons for delaying a bankruptcy claim, too. The main point of this article is that, whether you file for bankruptcy now […]

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5 Myths Surrounding Bankruptcy

It’s not uncommon to experience fear upon hearing the word “Bankruptcy.” False expectations and pre-conceived notions cloud both what a bankruptcy filing actually is, and how it can be the smartest choice in times of financial turmoil. By confronting five of the most notorious bankruptcy myths, we’ll unmask a few of these unfounded fears and walk […]

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