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Food Delivery Apps Tied to Increase in Auto Accidents on Treasure Coast

With the COVID-19 crisis leading to more food delivery drivers on the roads, Treasure Coast auto accidents have seen slight uptick Life on the Treasure Coast has been different since COVID-19 struck. Masks are required in nearly all public places. Many businesses have altered operations to contactless procedures. And social distancing continues to be the […]

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Are smart cars making us not so smart drivers?

Half a century ago, the common wisdom among Detroit automotive engineers was that it was possible to trace nearly all road crashes to a single component, or nut: the “nut” behind the wheel.1 Fast-forward to today and cars have evolved to become smarter. Sensor-driven technologies and advanced imaging capabilities help drivers stay in lanes, pass safely, […]

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More Delivery Truck Deaths May Be Caused by Drivers Racing the Clock

Deaths from delivery truck crashes have reached their highest level in three decades, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Increased online retail sales means more delivery trucks on our roadways than ever before. In a nationwide survey, truck accidents of all types have been steadily increasing; however, crashes involving delivery trucks have […]

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Uninsured/ Underinsured motorist insurance…here’s a scary truth for you: 1 out of every 8 drivers has no insurance.

Have you ever been in an accident? Remember that gut wrenching feeling? Now, imagine the same gut-wrenching feeling multiplied when you discover the person who just totaled your car didn’t have insurance. So, what happens if you are hit by a driver without insurance? If your insurance does not cover this instance, all of your […]

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State Road 60 is an accident magnet. Important information for anyone who drives this dangerous highway.

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere in Indian River County, but there are certain roads that are considered “accident magnets” because of the high frequency of car accidents that occur there. In Indian River County, this road is State Road 60 (SR-60). Image courtesy: A 160-mile long trans-peninsular route that connects Clearwater to the […]

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Hit-and-run accidents on the rise, which increases the importance of having UM insurance.

A hit-and-run accident can have devastating consequences not only to the victim, but to the members of the victim’s family. Recently, an English professor and past-teacher at Storm Grove Middle School in Indian River County and Southern Oaks Middle School in Port St. Lucie was killed by a hit-and-run driver while she was out training […]

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Accident involving Uber or Lyft? It’s complicated.

Ride-sharing services are as common today as taxis. If you’re ever in an accident involving Uber or Lyft, it is most likely that you will not be able to sue the ride-sharing company outright. Drivers are technically independent contractors, not employees, meaning the company can deny liability for crashes involving their drivers (and have done […]

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Ride-Share in Florida: Are You Protected in an Accident?

Ride-share companies like Uber and Lyft are here to stay, whether the local and state governments regulate them or not. It is becoming increasingly obvious that their system is more effective and cost-efficient for everyday consumers. But the question remains, how protected is the consumer if they are (1) hit by one of these rideshare […]

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Florida’s Roads Becoming Deadlier

The number of crashes on local and state roads has skyrocketed since 2011, and distracted driving, such as texting and checking emails, is likely the main culprit. A new study indicates the United States might be looking at its deadliest driving year since 2007—a report that comes just one day after news that the U.S. […]

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As Self-Driving Cars Hit the Road, Innovation is Outpacing Insurance

Breakthroughs in self-driving car technology are surpassing insurers’ abilities to factor the systems into auto premiums. A recent fatality involving a Tesla Model S electric sedan using the company’s Autopilot system has focused attention on the risks of innovative “autonomous driving” technology. For now, the insurance claims process for cars using the systems generally works […]

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Airbag Recall Proves Problematic for South Florida Drivers

With a national recall of defective airbags in more than 24 million vehicles, drivers are worrying corrective measures are not coming fast enough. New rounds of recall letters are hitting mailboxes as the death toll has climbed to at least eleven; however, a number of letters that warn many South Florida drivers for the first […]

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Hit-And-Run Drivers Plague Florida’s Roads

In 2015 alone, there were more than 92,000 hit-and-run crashes investigated in the state of Florida. Such crashes—up by nearly 7,500 from 2014—are an increasing problem that is being met with tougher penalties. Governor Rick Scott signed a law last year that enhances the penalties for leaving the scene of a crash, making it a […]

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Auto Accident Settlement

$1.6 Million

Wrongful Death Settlement

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