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What Counts as Distracted Driving?

Jennifer Smith doesn’t like the term “accident.” It implies too much chance and too little culpability. A “crash” killed her mother in 2008, she insists, when her car was broadsided by another vehicle while on her way to pick up cat food. The other driver, a 20-year-old college student, ran a red light while talking […]

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Ride-Share in Florida: Are You Protected in an Accident?

Ride-share companies like Uber and Lyft are here to stay, whether the local and state governments regulate them or not. It is becoming increasingly obvious that their system is more effective and cost-efficient for everyday consumers. But the question remains, how protected is the consumer if they are (1) hit by one of these rideshare […]

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Sports Related Brain Trauma: Let’s Keep Talking and Address the Issue

Whether you’re a Friday Night Lights bleacher fixture, a proud college football fan, or an NFL fanatic, football season is in full effect—and the competition is so fierce that there will be estimated 130-plus plays, hits, tackles, spears and layouts. For a young and healthy athlete, that can lead to serious brain trauma. Until recently, […]

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Timing in Bankruptcy Cases

As in lots of things, timing can be everything. And the same is true in bankruptcy cases. There are multiple reasons for filing for bankruptcy sooner as opposed to later. Yet, there are good reasons for delaying a bankruptcy claim, too. The main point of this article is that, whether you file for bankruptcy now […]

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Florida’s Roads Becoming Deadlier

The number of crashes on local and state roads has skyrocketed since 2011, and distracted driving, such as texting and checking emails, is likely the main culprit. A new study indicates the United States might be looking at its deadliest driving year since 2007—a report that comes just one day after news that the U.S. […]

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As Self-Driving Cars Hit the Road, Innovation is Outpacing Insurance

Breakthroughs in self-driving car technology are surpassing insurers’ abilities to factor the systems into auto premiums. A recent fatality involving a Tesla Model S electric sedan using the company’s Autopilot system has focused attention on the risks of innovative “autonomous driving” technology. For now, the insurance claims process for cars using the systems generally works […]

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Airbag Recall Proves Problematic for South Florida Drivers

With a national recall of defective airbags in more than 24 million vehicles, drivers are worrying corrective measures are not coming fast enough. New rounds of recall letters are hitting mailboxes as the death toll has climbed to at least eleven; however, a number of letters that warn many South Florida drivers for the first […]

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Tires Older than Six Years, Even if Tread is Good, Can Fail Quickly

How old are your tires? The answer to that question could save your life. Tire age and quality might have played a factor in a recent crash on Interstate 95 in Jupiter that resulted in six fatalities, including four children from a Stuart family. Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) investigators reported tread separation—a highly dangerous situation […]

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New Florida Boating Law Ends Repeat Inspections

As of July 1st, Florida boaters get a break from repeated law enforcement safety inspections. Pass one check for required life vests, fire extinguisher and distress signal on board, and you receive an official decal to keep authorities off your back for good. The change was backed by Republican State Representative, Ritch Workman, who represents […]

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Hit-And-Run Drivers Plague Florida’s Roads

In 2015 alone, there were more than 92,000 hit-and-run crashes investigated in the state of Florida. Such crashes—up by nearly 7,500 from 2014—are an increasing problem that is being met with tougher penalties. Governor Rick Scott signed a law last year that enhances the penalties for leaving the scene of a crash, making it a […]

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Robot Cars Bring Potential for Hike in Traffic Congestion

Self-driving cars are expected to usher in a new era of mobility, safety, and convenience. However, transportation researchers say people will use them too much, causing major traffic complications. Experts foresee robot cars chauffeuring children to school, dance class, and baseball practice. The disabled and elderly will have new mobility. Commuters will be able to […]

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Verdicts and Settlements

$1.2 Million

Auto Accident Settlement

$1.6 Million

Wrongful Death Settlement

$11.1 Million

Settlement for motorcycle accident


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