Here is How to Obtain Your Police Report in Sebastian FL

Sebastian is the largest city in Indian River County on the Treasure Coast. Its population soared during the years of 1970-1990, multiplying over 12 times to 10,205. The latest recorded number of inhabitants was 24,772 (est. 2016) with a density of 1,823 residents per square mile.

As a popular location, Sebastian (along with many on the Treasure Coast) runs parallel to the coastline’s heavily traveled Interstate 95. Notwithstanding the completion of 5 years of construction on I-95 (with its lanes reopened and speed limits reset to 70 mph) the Treasure Coast continued to record frequent traffic fatalities (46) on its roadways during the first 6 months of 2018.

With little doubt that traffic accidents are the most prevalent cause of personal injury in our nation, lawsuits are hard-fought by insurance carriers determined to minimize their client’s obligation. Hoskins, Turco, Lloyd & Lloyd’s 35 years of Treasure Coast FL experience allows you to benefit from our past, giving you a strong legal advantage for your future.

Hoskins, Turco, Lloyd & Lloyd is one of the Treasure Coast’s oldest personal injury law firms, with multiple local offices on the Treasure Coast and another in nearby Okeechobee. We welcome your questions and are happy to extend to you a free traffic accident case review with one of our attorneys — available now at (866) 460-1990.

For the benefit of our citizenry and visitors alike, Hoskins, Turco, Lloyd & Lloyd are pleased to share this resource page with you. Each location page is structured to provide you with specific instructions obtained from the local law enforcement records clerks; in this case from those of the Sebastian Police Department Records Division.  

Sebastian Traffic Accident? What’s Next?

No doubt your first call is going to be 9-1-1, as it should be. 9-1-1 dispatches the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over the accident location, and they remain in contact with you until help arrives. The first officer to arrive will give their first attention to medical injuries while making certain the most relevant first responders are brought to the scene. 

And there’s more — directing traffic safely around the crash, triaging support teams as they arrive, supervising the careful removal of wreckage and lane clearance. With a multi-vehicle traffic accident, all of the above will be overseen by the investigating officer who first reaches the location. 

Law Enforcement and Your Sebastian Police Report

Once the incident is under maximum control, the officer will go through all the facts and probable causes of the crash, photographing the scene and damages (using video when expedient) and compiling available witness statements and contact information. Acquiring photo IDs from every involved party is critical, as is notating insurance information and registration for all drivers. 

The officer’s completed narrative will be submitted to their law enforcement agency within 10 business days of said officer’s shifts. The document is reviewed by their superior officer and proofread and filed by the Sebastian Police Department’s record custodian in their secure repository.

There are a few important things you can do to simplify the process of acquiring your Sebastian police report:

  • First, be certain that you get the accident case number and the badge number and name of the officer-in-charge. 
  • Next, make a note of the most proximate street address to the wreck, to assist the records clerk in narrowing down the search, and to ensure you are, in fact, within Sebastian’s city limits.

If you find your crash was outside Sebastian you may need to flip over to our Indian River County resource page for acquiring a police report in that jurisdiction.

Acquiring Your Confidential Sebastian Police Report

The Sebastian Records Custodian in the Administration Division of the Sebastian Police Department is accountable for the expediency and final editing of police reports submitted by the law enforcement officers. This support personnel is responsible for knowing and fully understanding the public record laws in the state of Florida.

Within the Florida Code of Laws Section 316.066,​ traffic crash records are specified as ‘confidential’ for the first 60 days after the date the police report is filed. The statute allows only ‘exempt parties’ to acquire these records before the confidential status has expired. These persons would include involved parties (drivers, passengers, victims) and their legal representatives, insurance adjusters, and legitimate media.

Contact Information

Sebastian Police Department

Records Custodian  

1201 Main Street

Sebastian, FL 32958

Phone:  (772) 589-5233, ask for records

Hours: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm 

Days: Monday – Friday 



Although you are not allowed to request the report by mail, fax or email — an exempt involved party can appear in person to obtain their Sebastian police report, by showing current photo identification to the clerk. You will be asked to provide the case number, the officer’s name, and badge number, and physical address of the collision to aid the clerk in researching the report. 

You will be required to sign a release upon receiving a copy of your report, for which a nominal fee will be due ($.90 to $1.35) in cash or by personal check. The release stipulates that it is a felony to share the information with third parties for sponsorship or compensation. You may download and use Form #94010 provided by the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department

If you can provide proof of your eligibility for exemption, also you may now purchase your report online for $12.00 at Florida’s brand new crash portal site.

Acquiring a Public Record Sebastian Police Report 

Once 60 days have passed from the filing date of a police report, the document is now deemed to be ‘public record’ and may be requested by any party without identification or exemption eligibility.

Visit the new official Florida Crash Portal to purchase copies of public record police reports. You may pay online with a debit or credit card, for a $10.00 fee plus $2.00 transaction fee for up to 10 reports.  

Please note: Various cities have their own methods of maintaining document custody, including transferring police records to their city or county clerk once the confidential period has passed. 

However, Sebastian Police Department’s Records Custodian has full custody throughout the confidential, and the public life of the documents. And, per the records custodian, there is no expiration of official law enforcement reports.

Hoskins, Turco, Lloyd & Lloyd Means Business

The fact that you need to leave home dozens of times a month to support your family isn’t something to take lightly. And we don’t. When you find yourself the victim of a sudden traffic crash in Sebastian, there are injuries to attend to, loss of income (and potentially your career) and possible fatalities to face. Hoskins, Turco, Lloyd & Lloyd wants you to know we are committed to helping relieve the pressure in every way we can.

One thing you can take right off your list is lawyer fees. Not only do we provide a no-cost attorney consultation, but there are not any fees expected throughout our pursuit of your claim. We collect for our services after winning your case and receive payment directly from the settlement.

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