Here Are the Steps For Getting Your Police Report for Indian River County

When you or a loved one has been the victim of a traffic accident in Indian River County, your first call is 9-1-1. The responding law enforcement officer will compile a police report, which is going to be critical for your personal injury claim. Because the completed report is not required to be submitted for 10 business days, be sure to obtain the case number and the officer’s name and badge number before leaving the scene. Also, take note of the closest physical address to the accident location.

Ideally, your next call should be to a local personal injury firm with the integrity to put the rights and needs of your family first. Discussing the accident with others (including insurance claim adjusters) without legal advice may not be your best move. The best benefit of a free consultation with a Hoskins, Turco, Lloyd & Lloyd personal injury attorney is discovering what over 35 years of legal practice on the Treasure Coast can do for your future. And, no fees are due until, and unless, a settlement is achieved.

The law firm of Hoskins, Turco, Lloyd & Lloyd is pleased to share this resource page as a public service — giving you access to ‘next steps’ for acquiring your Indian River County Police Report, along with relevant Florida statutes.

Requesting Your Police Report in Indian River County 

Confidential Period – First 60 Days

Florida has very specific regulations when it comes to the supervision, control and lawful release of its official crash reports. As defined in Section 316.066​ police report records are confidential for the first 60 days after the law enforcement officer submits the file to their department. This privacy statute restricts access to exempt parties; i.e. those personally involved in the accident, their legal representatives and insurers, as well as certified media.

Within the confidential period, a police report copy request requires your current photo ID, and proof of your eligibility for exemption. The law enforcement agency, at its discretion, may demand this proof in the form of a sworn statement witnessed by a notary or law officer. 

You may download this fillable affidavit provided on the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website, and submit it in person, by mail, or by email. Sworn statements must promise that the documents will not be utilized in any way for solicitation of crash victims, or be disclosed to any third party for similar use.

Public Record – After 60 Days

Once 60 days have passed since the police report was originally filed with the custodial agency, it is deemed to be a public record. According to Florida Law, public records are accessible by any party upon payment of the statutorily required fee of $10.00 per a report, plus an additional $2.00 convenience fee for each payment transaction. This police report access requires no signature, no ID, and no sworn statement, and can be obtained online by visiting the Florida Crash Portal


Note: For both confidential and public records for accidents within city limits, please visit our City Police Department resource pages by clicking the city link below under Jurisdictions.

Indian River County Law Enforcement Jurisdictions 

After a traffic accident, your police report will be filed at the agency associated with the investigating officer. Please read through the following 3 designated agencies to see which department applies to you. 

Police Departments 

Traffic accidents within the 5 municipalities of Indian River County — the cities of Vero Beach (the county seat), Sebastian and Fellsmere, and the towns of Indian River Shores and Orchid — fall under the jurisdiction of their local police departments. These police reports may be obtained directly through the agency detailed on each location page; in person, by mail and possibly online. Please choose your location link in this paragraph for specific request requirements.

Indian River County Sheriff  

IRCSO has jurisdiction over all non-municipal areas of Indian River County; including unincorporated communities, and census-designated places (CDPs) such as Wabasso and Wabasso Beach, West Vero Corridor, Gifford, and Florida Ridge. Click on your CDP in this paragraph to view a detailed resource page for that area. Contact information for the IRCSO is also listed below:

Indian River County Sheriff 

Custodian of Records

4055 41st Avenue

Vero Beach, FL 32960

Phone: (772) 978-6215

Email: [email protected]



Once the police report has become public record, you may purchase a copy online at the Florida Crash Portal for a $12.00 fee. 

Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) 

Accidents that occur on Florida Interstate or state highways are under the jurisdiction of the Florida Highway Patrol, which also responds to particularly severe accidents on surface streets in the county. Within the confidential 60-day period, you may obtain police report copies in person by visiting the FHP department with jurisdiction — for Indian River County that would be the following:


Florida Highway Patrol

2929 N 25th Street 

Fort Pierce, FL 34946

Phone: (850) 617-3416, option #1  


As with the Sheriff’s office, when at least 60 days have passed since the officer’s submission date, the FHP accident report is now public record and may be purchased online at the Florida Crash Portal


Indian River County Personal Injury Lawyers

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We have researched the websites and contacted records clerks with the individual law enforcement agencies listed above, to clarify and simplify the process for acquiring your police report. Should you have further questions please contact us at (866) 460-1990 for a free consultation with one of our traffic accident attorneys.

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