FAQ about accidents in work or construction zones

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FAQ About Accidents in Work or Construction Zones

Many of us travel down the highway and through work zones with barely a thought. We slow down and follow the work zone speed limit, get through the congestion, and continue on our commute. We are actually more lucky than we know. According to the FHA (Federal Highway Administration), there is, on average, a work zone accident every 5.4 minutes.

work zone barrels in road

The most common collision in a work zone comes from a vehicle that fails to slow to reduced traffic speeds and rear-ends another vehicle. Work zone accident statistics say that, in Florida, over 65% percent of fatalities in work zones are the result of motor vehicle collisions.

Because highway work zone accidents are so prevalent in our state, it pays to take a moment to discuss how to avoid them and what to do if you are involved in one of these work zone crashes in the Treasure Coast area.

A Practical Way to Avoid a Work Zone Crash

Perhaps the easiest way to avoid a collision in a construction or work zone is simply this — slow down. It’s not uncommon to come across highway construction while traveling through Florida’s Treasure Coast. When you do, it’s imperative that you slow down and obey the construction speed limit. 

Other things you can do to avoid highway work zone accidents include:

  • Maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and the one ahead of you
  • Stay alert, and know what is surrounding your vehicle
  • Avoid distractions
  • Be sure to use your turn signal when changing lanes
  • In slow traffic zones with flagmen, turn down the radio, and roll down the windows so you can hear possible instructions outside 

As we have said, crashes in work zones are most commonly the cause of someone not slowing down. Many other times a collision occurs because someone was distracted and simply didn’t know they were approaching a work zone. Being a responsible driver can go a long way toward avoiding these catastrophes.

The Aftermath Of A Construction Work Zone Accident

If you are involved in a work zone accident in the Treasure Coast of Florida, there are several steps to take following the collision. 

1. Remain On The Scene

Don’t be tempted to leave the scene, no matter how minor the accident was. You can be charged with a crime.

2. Call Emergency Services

Call 911 to alert emergency services to the accident. Police and other first responders will arrive on the scene to assess injuries and damages as well as to collect evidence. Follow the instructions of these responders.

3. Get Medical Attention

Even if you don’t believe you are injured, make sure to get properly diagnosed by a medical professional. Not all injuries are immediately apparent, and foregoing medical attention could harm a potential future legal claim.

4. Take Photos

Document as much as you can at the scene of the accident, including:

  • Property damage 
  • Injuries
  • The road conditions
  • The surrounding area

Take close-up photographs, as well as wide-angle ones. The more physical documentation you have of the crash, the better.

5. Secure Contact Information

Ask for contact information from any witnesses. You will also want to get contact information from anyone else involved in the accident.

6. Contact Your Insurance Agent

You need to speak with your insurance agent, even if you weren’t at fault. When you are speaking with your agent, avoid offering your opinion on how the accident occurred, and never admit fault. Provide answers only if you can state them in fact.

7. Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

When your accident has occurred in Port St. Lucie, Vero Beach, Ft. Pierce, Okeechobee, or the surrounding area, contact our office. Our personal injury attorneys will help you determine whether or not you have grounds for a lawsuit and advise you of your next steps at no cost to you.

Who Is at Fault for My Construction Zone Road Accident?

Fault is determined on a case-by-case basis. Your case may involve a road construction crew that failed in its duty to direct traffic and protect it from hazards. Another vehicle in traffic with you may have also caused your accident. In some rare cases, the cause of the accident lies with decisions made by the state transit authority or a local municipal entity. Cases can even involve multiple at-fault parties, including a combination of all of the preceding parties.

Determining fault is not always easy or straightforward. When you choose to work with a personal injury attorney, they can thoroughly investigate your accident and apply their knowledge of the law to determine the appropriate parties that hold liability.

We Want To Discuss Your Construction Zone Car Accident Case

We want to talk to you about your construction zone accident. We can help you determine who was at fault or answer how might the construction company or the government be liable for the crash. Each work zone accident is unique. 

Let us provide you with your options and help you make important decisions. Call our professional personal injury attorney at 866-460-1990 or contact us online. The team at Hoskins, Turco, Lloyd & Lloyd is here for you and your family.

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