Bankruptcy Financial Tips: Insider Secrets to Save Money on Holiday Shopping

Financial Tips Posted on Nov 18, 2018

Holiday shopping
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Black Friday and Cyber Monday—that’s amateur hour! We’ve compiled a list of five holiday shopping tips from the latest issue of Reader’s Digest that’ll help you save big on your own!

  1. Track Prices Online

During the holiday season, websites constantly adjust prices of items. Savvy shoppers can watch for reduced rates and buy when the price is at it’s lowest.

Don’t have time to watch website prices all day?

Try Search for any item and track its price history—it’ll show you a graph of the product’s highest and lowest price positions over the past several days!

  1. Use the Invisible Hand

Download the Invisible Hand iPhone app to see how you can save! Whenever you’re browsing for items online from retailers such as Home Depot or Lowe’s, Invisible Hand will automatically search alternatives and notify you if there’s a better deal elsewhere.

  1. Try Shopping on Tuesdays

According to the New York Times, online retailers tend to have better deals on Tuesday.

  1. Haggle Away!

Retailers such as Target offer price-matching. If you know the item is sold for less elsewhere, ask the cashier to match the price.

  1. Wait to Book Travel!
    Pro travelers use insider secrets to travel cheap, and that includes buying their plane tickets at the right time. com noticed that airfare for international travel is a much better deal in January and February, not November and December. The Caribbean can wait until Valentine’s Day.

The holidays don’t need to be about excessive spending that leaves your bank account and wallet dry in January. Try some of these holiday savings tips so you can save money and enjoy the holidays with your family.

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