Although all types of traffic accidents can be scary and hazardous when a vehicle rollover happens it literally stops everyone else in their tracks. Nearby drivers may be forced to react by swerving or slamming on their brakes resulting in more fender benders. However, our immediate focus is drawn to the vehicle that flipped. We hold our breath, imagining the worst and hoping for the best.   


What is a Vehicle Rollover Accident? 

By definition, a vehicle rollover accident occurs when one vehicle has overturned at least 90 degrees onto its side. The force of impact (or equipment defect) which caused the driver to lose control may result in the vehicle landing on its roof, or even upright after tumbling over more than once. 

Not having your seatbelt buckled makes a critical difference in the injuries resulting from a vehicle rollover accident. If you are tossed around inside or ejected your chance of survival is considerably lessened. 

Most single-vehicle rollover crashes are caused by…

  • tire blowouts that can make your car swerve (especially if you apply the brakes at a high rate of speed).
  • sliding sideways only to be ‘tripped’ by an object (such as a curb, guardrail, or uneven ground).
  • making an aggressive turn attempting to avoid an impact or obstruction (frequently at an intersection or during a multiple vehicle accident). 

Florida Efforts to Reduce Vehicle Rollovers

On July 1, 2009, Florida’s primary seatbelt law became effective. The budget for Florida’s 2009 Highway Safety Protection Plan included nearly $1.8 million for an Occupant Protection Program. Educational classes and public awareness events were initiated, including ‘rollover simulator’ demonstrations by highway patrol troops. 

These efforts appear to have had an important influence on saving lives. The Florida DHSMV reported a decrease in no-seatbelt rollover fatalities of 26.3% from 2008 through 2009. 

Florida has maintained its 1979 no-fault law enacted in 1979 which requires all drivers to have personal injury protection (PIP) at a minimum limit of $10k coverage. That said, these policy payouts are restricted to a percentage of your medical costs, wage loss, and vehicle repair/replacement — and do not include liability coverage.

Vehicle Rollover Collision: Legal Advocacy

Witnesses and traffic cameras (atop the light) are more likely to be on-scene during an intersection rollover crash. The responding law enforcement will gather available information from drivers, passengers, and observers of the crash. However, the pursuit of recovery from losses exceeding your PIP limits is based on defending your rights as well as a thorough investigation of all evidence.

A free consultation with one of our local personal injury lawyers stands to make an incredible difference in the way your case plays out. It is our mission to take over the stressful issues and recover no less than what you deserve.

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