How to Acquire Your Stuart FL Police Report

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The City of Stuart FL encompasses 6.3 square miles of land and is home to an estimated (2018) population of 16,293. Traffic accidents within Stuart city-limits fall under the jurisdiction of the Stuart Police Department. Traffic crashes on the I-95 or local highways are within the purview of the Florida Highway Patrol, while Martin County Sheriff’s Office oversees the unincorporated communities and census-designated places (CDPs).   

The prevailing cause of personal injuries in the U.S. is traffic accidents, and even peaceful Martin County is unfortunately not immune. In 2018 the county logged 2,865 traffic crashes. Though fewer than 1% resulted in a fatality, there was a total of 1,779 injuries sustained; i.e. 62% of these crashes caused physical harm!  

Because insurance is mandatory for every vehicle on the road, a claims adjuster is going to work hard to limit their company’s obligations. At a time like this, stress and confusion can send you down the wrong path to accepting less than you deserve. To make certain that your rights as an accident victim are fully protected, having highly skilled legal representation is a must. 

Hoskins, Turco, Lloyd & Lloyd offers you the advantage of over 35 years of Treasure Coast personal injury experience. Don’t hesitate to seize the opportunity to be represented by a local law firm, with a free case evaluation and zero out-of-pocket payments required.  

Our law firm is pleased to share our City of Stuart FL police report resource page as a public service for our neighbors and visitors. Personal contact with each law enforcement agency has been made to provide accurate and expedient access to your police reports. Also included are authority references relevant to our content.

Stuart FL Traffic Accident? What’s Next?

Placing your first call to 9-1-1 is, without a doubt, your best move. These dispatchers are highly trained to identify your location and send a law enforcement officer from that jurisdiction to expedite the services you require. A police report begins here with officer queries and information gathered; from IDs and proof of insurance to the documentation of the damages, point of impact, and injuries.

The police report must be reviewed by the superior officer, turned over to the records custodian for proofreading and submitted into their Stuart Police custodial file.  

Be sure that you receive the officer’s business card before they leave the scene, which will give you their name and badge number. It is customary for the officer to write your case number on the reverse side of the card, as well. This information will be important when referring to your accident.

Legal Parameters for Stuart Police Reports

Florida Law provides a privacy period for the release of police reports in order to protect all involved parties of the accident. Described below is the 2-step path of availability for those wanting or requiring a copy.

‘Confidential’ Stuart Police Reports – First 60 Days 

According to Section 316.066 of the Florida Code of Laws, traffic crash records are confidential and accessible only to ‘exempted parties’ for the first 60 days after a police report has been filed. This exemption status is limited to parties involved in the collision, their legal representatives and insurance carriers. Certified media is also exempt. 

Your record request to the Stuart Police Department must include a sworn statement, which may be downloaded from the Florida HSMV website. If you make your request in person there are affidavits available from the records clerk.

‘Public Record’ Stuart Police Reports – After 60 Days 

Once the confidential period of 60 days has passed, the police report is classified as ‘public record,’ and may now be acquired without identification or sworn statements. Public record police reports may be obtained from the Stuart Police Department in person or by mail. 

Details to Acquire Your Stuart Police Report

The Stuart Police Department provides a remarkably straightforward method for requesting your police report. You may call to initiate the process or drop by in person, or simply use the city’s new portal to send a request to the police records division.

Police Report Requests may be made through the Stuart Public Records Portal. Though located on the city’s website, request forms go directly to the Stuart Police Department and are dealt with by the police records custodian. 

Send your request by using the following instructions:

1 – Click on the Police Records Request box at bottom-left of the page to ‘make a request.’  

2 – Provide as much information as you can, and include an email address or phone number in the content box to receive a response from the clerk.

3 – To make your request during the 60-day confidential period, you must be an involved party (named on the report) and show proof by uploading a copy of your valid driver’s license. 

4 – Involved parties must also provide a sworn statement which can be obtained, notarized, then uploaded, in one of two ways; by receiving a form via the clerk’s response, or by downloading this fillable form.

5 – Because police reports are public record after 60 days, no IDs or affidavits are then required.

Note: There is no fee charged for the first 10 pages (by involved or public requestors) of a police report from the Stuart Police Department. These reports, per the department, are typically up to 6 pages. More than 10 pages — as in multiple vehicle crashes — have a cost of .15 to .20 per page.

Contact Information for Stuart FL Police Department  

Stuart Police Department

Records Division

830 SE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd

Stuart, FL 34994

Phone: (772) 287-1122

Hours: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Days: Monday – Friday

Closed: Holidays

First-floor location

Online Police Report Request Form (Instructions above)

Stuart Police Website


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