How to Acquire Your Port St. Lucie FL Police Report

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Traffic accidents are so frequent that we tend to view most of them as a mere inconvenience, with more damage to the vehicles than the drivers and their passengers. Unfortunately, a sudden impact (even at a low rate of speed) can result in lost income, long-term disability, and even fatality. 

In 2018 alone, the Port St. Lucie and Fort Pierce Police Departments of St. Lucie County investigated 3,424 crashes. From this total, there were 14 fatality crashes and 1,452 separate injury crashes.

So many factors can set you up for disaster; such as lack of sleep, intoxication, texting or talking on the phone, failure to check your blind spots before changing lanes, and the list goes on. A bit of reassuring news is that on July 1, 2019, the Florida House of Representatives made it illegal to text while driving, which removes the choice to do so.   

The logistics and legalities of a Port St. Lucie traffic accident can be confusing and stressful, and that’s what we’re here for — to take the pressure off for you and your family. There are many advantages to having a law firm like Hoskins, Turco, Lloyd & Lloyd in your corner — over 35 years of local practice; multiple offices on the Treasure Coast and another in Okeechobee; free consultation with our traffic accident attorney; and, no deposits or payments required because our fees are paid directly from your settlement!   

Our law firm at Hoskins, Turco, Lloyd & Lloyd is pleased to share this Port St. Lucie resource page as a public service for our communities. Personal contact with each law enforcement agency was made to provide efficient access to your police reports; along with relevant statutes from the State of Florida.    

Port St. Lucie Traffic Accident? What’s Next?

Of course, everyone’s first call after a crash is to 9-1-1, as it should be. This agency is trained to dispatch the services you need, along with a law enforcement officer within your jurisdiction. The officer is responsible for oversight of the crash aftermath, and clearing of the road. They are also accountable for gathering information from the scene and all of the parties involved, as well as witness statements when available. 

An investigating officer has 10 business shifts to complete their narrative and submit it to the agency, where it is reviewed and approved by command. The police report now becomes official and is entered into the custodial process used by the Port St. Lucie Police Department.

How You Can Help to Simplify Things

Before leaving the scene of the accident, the investigating officer will hand you a business card with their name and badge number on it. Generally, they write the case number on the back but be sure to check that they have done so. Just in case the card is misplaced, look for a physical address or business closest to the collision. These details will be extremely helpful to you and those who represent you while making it easier for the records custodian to locate your police report in their system.  

Was your accident really within the city limits of Port St. Lucie, as Tradition is? Before getting too far down the path, you can answer this basic question by typing the actual street address most proximate to your collision location into your phone. If the listing does not show up in Port St. Lucie, or if the crash took place in St. Lucie Village, then your next step would be to visit our resource page for St. Lucie County to see the process for traffic accidents under the jurisdiction of the county’s Sheriff’s Department and Highway Patrol.

Florida Statutes for Custody & Release of Records

‘Confidential’ Port St. Lucie Police Reports (First 60-Days) 

Florida Code of Laws Section 316.066​ dictates that traffic crash records are confidential records during “the first 60 days after the date the police report is filed.” Essentially, this means that only ‘exempted parties’ may access these records before the 60-day privacy deadline. Persons considered as exempt are limited to those involved in the crash, their legal representatives, insurance carriers, and credentialed media. A sworn statement must be included with these requests, which you may download from the Florida HSMV website.

‘Public Record’ Port St. Lucie Police Reports (After 60 Days) 

Sixty days after the official police report was filed it becomes a public record. As such, the report may be accessed in person or through the online portal. Public records do not require identification or sworn statements. For the clerk to pull the correct document you must have the name of an involved party, the case number, or date and location.

So, who does what, and when, and where is your Port St. Lucie Police Report?

The regulations above, as well as the section below, will allow you to access your police report in the most expeditious manner; under Florida law and the Port St. Lucie Police Department’s established processes.

How to Acquire Your Port St. Lucie Police Report  

The Port of St. Lucie Police Department is the sole custodian of your police report, until the end of its retention period — 120 days or more as needed. Contact information is provided below along with instructions and a link to the records portal maintained by the City of Port St. Lucie.

Port St. Lucie Police Department

Records Department

Building C, 1st Floor

121 SW Port St. Lucie Boulevard

Port St. Lucie, Florida 34984

Phone:  772-871-5000, option 1 for records

Hours: 7:30 am – 5:00 pm

Days: Monday – Friday

Holidays: Closed


Using the Port St. Lucie Records Request PORTAL 

Port St. Lucie Police Records Department has streamlined their custodial duties by teaming up with the City of Port St. Lucie to provide a portal through GovQA. Once you click on the above link the city site will pop up and immediately redirect you to the web app portal. Do be aware that Florida considers email addresses received by the records clerks to be ‘public record.’

Records sent to you through the portal are free, while hard copies are 15-20 cents per page. When payment is received the report will be mailed to you or you may choose to pick it up in person.

During the ‘confidential period’ (first 60 days) you must first establish an account with a password. This allows you to submit requests, and receive responses through the portal. It is fast and preferred by the clerks as they process hundreds of records requests each week. 

You may also send a request for a ‘public record’ (after 60 days) through the portal in a couple of different ways. An anonymous request may be made if you prefer not to create an account, wherein you will receive an onsite confirmation number which must be used to check-in for all responses. However, if you do set up an account the response will go into your dashboard and you will retain security (unless you specifically include contact information in your request). 

Note: Once the Request Form opens, choose ‘police department’ then select ‘traffic crash report’ in the next box. Be sure to include a way to respond; i.e. email, phone number. If the clerk does not have that information within the request, your response will be sent through the portal to your onsite account. 

Note: If you can provide proof of your eligibility for exemption under the 60-day confidential period, you may purchase your report online for $12.00 at Florida’s new crash portal site.

Need a Port St. Lucie Accident Attorney in Your Corner?

Have you sustained injuries as the victim of a traffic crash? If your answer is yes, then the last thing you need is added stress from perceived losses; such as missing work, medical expenses, doctor visits, prolonged treatment for injuries, transportation delays, dealing with insurance carriers and trying to recover compensation from those at fault. 

It’s time to let us step in and tackle all the paperwork, investigation, claims, phone calls, and even stand up to the insurance companies on your behalf. There is one thing you definitely won’t have to deal with, and that is coming up with the money for legal fees. A personal injury lawyer in Port St. Lucie, FL from Hoskins, Turco, Lloyd & Lloyd will provide a free consultation and there are no out-of-pocket expenses, as we are paid from your settlement when the case is resolved.

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