How to Acquire Your Jensen Beach FL Police Report

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Jensen Beach, Florida, is a quiet and beautiful beach town on the Atlantic coastline. Its stretch of the Inlet Aquatic Preserve is bordered on the east by Hutchinson Island, the home of Jensen Sea Turtle Beach and a marine biology community. This popular shoreline has designated nesting areas for the sea turtles and is just 7 miles north of the Florida Oceanographic Coastal Center; a 57-acre educational research site.

Jensen Beach is one of six census-designated places (CDPs) in Martin County and, along with the majority of unincorporated areas, it falls under the jurisdiction of the County Sheriff. Astonishingly, the 2018 Martin County rate of traffic fatalities (.98%) and injuries (62%) from all accidents (2,866) were almost an exact match to statistics for the entire state of Florida; (.79%) fatalities, (63%) injuries from 402,952 total crashes. 

Hoskins, Turco, Lloyd & Lloyd would like you to know these two significant safety factors. According to the World Health Organization, a decrease of 2 mph would lead to a 4-5% reduction in road crashes, while an increase of 2 mph raises the risk of injury by 6%. You might want to download this flyer on Road Safety and Speed from WHO’s report on road traffic injury protection.

As a public service, HTL&L is proud to share this resource page with our local communities and guests. Our hope is to give more clarity to custodial laws governing traffic records while providing the steps to acquire Jensen Beach police reports.

Legal Parameters for Jensen Beach Police Reports 

In 1967, Florida became the first state to adopt the Government-in-the-Sunshine Law, and it has since become the benchmark for laws that mandate disclosure and openness in business as well as the government. The custody and release of Jensen Beach police reports are a good example of the way Florida’s Sunshine Law protects its citizens’ rights — while improving public trust ‘through willing transparency.’     

Florida Statute Section 316.066 outlines the regulations for the creation, supervision, control, and lawful release of traffic accident reports throughout the state. Now, let’s take a look at the 2-step path of these official records — as they move from confidential status to open public record.  

Confidential Period — First 60 Days

The statute gives the investigating officer a 10-day deadline in which to file the accident report with their supervisor. Now the 60 days of privacy begins; requiring that any individual’s request for a traffic crash report must be ‘eligible for exemption.’ This time frame allows the parties concerned to assess the facts and implications of the report.  

Exempt parties are defined as those individuals directly involved in the collision, along with their insurers and legal representatives (as well as certified media). Acquiring a personal copy of the report requires a valid photo-identification from a person named in the report. Police report copies of up to 10 pages are free for involved parties. 

You may also be required to submit a sworn affidavit; which will ask for the type of exemption which qualifies you. It also includes your promise that the requested documents will not be used for the solicitation of crash victims, nor will they be disclosed to any 3rd-party for the same purpose.

Public Record Status — After 60 Days

Once the privacy period has expired, police reports are now deemed to be ‘public record.’ You may now request a police report from Martin County Sheriff’s Office in person or by mail (enclosing a self-addressed, stamped envelope). Requests from persons not named on the document are priced at .15 to .20 cents per page, payable in cash, money order or check. At this time, requests are not fulfilled via fax or email.

Requesting Your Jensen Beach Police Report  

During the first 60 days, Martin County Sheriff’s Office requires that you request the report in person, or through your legal representative or insurance carrier. They do have sworn statement forms available in the office, or you may download and use Form #94010 provided by the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department.

Contact details for obtaining your records are provided as follows:

Martin County Sheriff’s Office

800 SE Monterey Road

Stuart, FL 34994

Phone: (772) 220-7050 records department

Email: [email protected] (inquiries only)



Hours: Monday – Friday

Days: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Closed: Holidays

Florida Highway Patrol (FHP)  

Should your traffic accident happen on the Interstate or state highways the Florida Highway Patrol has jurisdiction. These officers may also respond to severe emergencies on surface streets within Martin County. 

Within the confidential timeline (first 60 days), you may acquire a traffic crash report copy in person at the jurisdictional FHP office which is the closest to the accident location. For Jensen Beach, that would be the following:

Florida Highway Patrol

2929 N 25th Street 

Fort Pierce, FL 34946

Phone: (850) 617-3416, option #1  

Jensen Beach FL Personal Injury Lawyers

Keep in mind that your family and your rights come first — with law enforcement, medical responders, and your personal injury attorney. This is not so much the case when it comes to vehicle insurance carriers. They know that the prevailing cause of personal injuries in the U.S. is traffic accidents, and their rates and practice of minimizing settlements reflect this. 

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