Any obvious injury or significant vehicle damage needs rapid attention from law enforcement and medical responders. You may have bodily harm that is not immediately evident, and damages may be greater than you think. What you need to do after a rear-end car accident is place a call to 9-1-1 as expeditiously as possible!  


What Happens to Your Body After a Rear-End Collision

The blow to the back end of your vehicle is generally unexpected, and what happens to your body after a rear-end collision can abruptly change your life. The severity of the following injuries may come as a surprise, especially because the whiplash is mistakenly perceived as ‘not that serious.’  

Whiplash – With damage to soft tissue, as well as bones of the neck and shoulders, this injury may cause serious and chronic medical conditions. Nerve damage may be permanent and even force a right-handed person to learn to use their left hand for the rest of their life.

Brain Concussion – The trauma of hitting the windshield bruises the head, which causes internal bleeding. Headaches, balance and focus problems can be temporary, but there is a potential for long term effects; such as memory loss, depression, sensitivity to light and noise, and sleep disturbance.

Partial or Full Paralysis – Severe spinal cord injuries, such as fractures, broken vertebrae, and nerve damage can result in temporary — or permanent paralysis — tremendously impacting the victim’s quality of life.     

How Long Does a Rear-End Collection Settlement Take? 

According to Florida Statutes, the initial step of filing a claim for personal injury protection benefits (PIP) has a deadline — 14 days to submit all paperwork with proof of loss. The carrier then has 30 days to pay or deny your claim, which extends if it takes you longer to provide information. Once a settlement is reached with the insurer, they have 20 days to postmark the payment. When a denial to pay from the insurance company is based upon a clerical mistake, the claim is allowed to be resubmitted within the next 15 days. 

Bottom line, this seemingly simple process has room for error — which can turn your claim upside down overnight. When you are already injured and have also temporarily lost your transportation, keeping up with timelines and instructions can be overwhelming. Professional legal assistance for personal injury does not require upfront fees or retainer deposits, so why take any chances? 

What Causes Most Rear-End Collisions? 

When one driver runs directly into the back of the vehicle in front of them, they have caused a rear-end collision. The most common causes of this type of accident are:

Tailgating Tendencies – All too often these days, reckless drivers are demanding control of the road by closing in on your bumper. You will see them on the freeway in tandem at times — like it’s a contest. Unfortunately, this behavior can be extremely stressful for the driver in front of them.

Distracted Driving – The driver behind you is texting at the wheel (now outlawed in Florida), adjusting their radio, or turning their head to talk to a passenger, and suddenly they slam right into you with full force. Lack of situational awareness is a very frequent cause of rear-end collisions. 

Failure to Stop – The driver in front has tapped their brakes or been forced to a full stop due to a sudden obstruction in their path. Keeping a safe distance behind another vehicle is not just common sense, but it is the law.

Whose Fault is it in a Rear-End Collision?

In almost every instance, the fault in a rear-end collision is that of the driver who runs head-on into the vehicle in front of them. The causes above are most frequent, and all drivers sharing the roadways must exercise reasonable care. There may be exceptions, but either way, if you have suffered injuries or considerable damage, get in touch with a personal injury lawyer posthaste!

When it comes to a real-life situation, a free conversation with a personal injury lawyer is always a good move. Speaking with an established local accident attorney may very well determine whether or not you recover what you deserve. 


Verdicts and Settlements

$1.2 Million

Auto Accident Settlement

$1.6 Million

Wrongful Death Settlement

$11.1 Million

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