Although just about every type of traffic accident can be stressful and cause damages and severe to fatal injuries — a multiple vehicle collision magnifies the probability of all three results. The loss of situational awareness or control that one driver exhibits can affect everyone around them. It happens all the time.




Multiple Vehicle Collision 

By definition, a multiple vehicle collision involves three or more drivers and is triggered by a chain reaction of events. They can happen when one driver jumps into your lane in front of you, leaving no room for an appropriate reaction. Another common cause is a bad weather condition. Imagine traveling down the highway and you see that a thick fog has enveloped the road ahead. Suddenly a rear-end crash appears right in front of you. Before you can blink, you slide right into them and — to make matters worse — the driver behind you follows suit.  

Car Pile-Up

Tailgating is generally a big factor in a car pile-up accident. When the driver behind you is too close and you are forced to ‘stop on a dime’ they can slam into you and start a chain reaction. 

Multi-Car Pile-Up

The ‘domino effect’ of a multi-car pile-up frequently occurs on busy city streets. It can be stressful to reach even a close destination as you deal with numerous traffic lights and lane changes. An increasing number of drivers are making a foolish decision to take control at the expense of others. Unfortunately, their misplaced urgency and selfish actions can land several drivers in the hospital. 

Massive Car Pile-Up 

Typically this type of traffic accident happens on freeways with high-speed limits and heavy traffic. Even when visibility is fine, the abrupt appearance of a road hazard may cause a multitude of vehicles to slam on their brakes and veer to avoid a wreck. Maybe a couple of cars have hit a section of black ice or swerved to evade objects fallen off the back of a truck. In the United States alone there have been 48 massive car pile-ups involving 28 to 216 vehicles during the period from 1965 through the spring of 2019.

Multiple Vehicle Collision: Legal Advocacy 

Florida requires all drivers to carry personal injury protection (PIP), with a minimum limit of $10,000. Unfortunately, this may give some drivers a false sense of security. The fact is that only a percentage of the PIP can be applied to your personal medical, lost wages and vehicle damage. And this coverage does not include liability.  

Speaking with our local personal injury lawyer is a free conversation — one that can make an incredible difference in your future. It is our mission to help you recover no less than what you deserve, with zero out-of-pocket payments to worry about.

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