A head-on collision is always going to be a sudden, unavoidable, and tremendously terrifying experience. Even if you see it coming, there is no time to react or circumvent the inevitable. You are struck — the airbag deploys, your seatbelt locks and you’re shaken and confused (that is, if you are still conscious). 


Someone Needs to Call 9-1-1 

Of the various types of crashes, a head-on collision car accident is certainly one of the worst you can experience. Undoubtedly there are severe injuries, all around, which require an immediate medical response. If you and the other driver are not able to place the call yourselves, then don’t hesitate to shout for help from a car slowing to observe the scene. “Call 9-1-1” is your battle cry — remember that onlookers may assume it has already been handled. 

The 9-1-1 Operator will respond by instantly alerting the law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over your area; this could be Florida Highway Patrol, the city police, or the county sheriff. There may be several responders, but you can be sure the officer has you in their headlights. It’s their job to lock down the scene, check IDs and insurance for drivers involved, take witness statements, and record the damages on a chart or with photographs. 

Head-On Collision: Police Report 

The investigating officer will be submitting their narrative of the accident to the head of their department, where it will be reviewed and filed with the records custodian. You can be assured that the police report is not going anywhere. Also, in Florida, this document is private for the first 60 days — giving the involved parties, their legal representatives, and insurance carriers the time to fully absorb what is needed for a claim. 

You will no doubt have a conversation with your insurance adjustor, who is capable of obtaining the police report on their own. Be cautious about discussing the incident with the adjustor, especially when it comes to fault. Keep in mind that they strive to settle claims quickly and for lesser amounts, to keep their company from going to court. 

Head-On Collision: Legal Advocacy

As with any other serious accident, the victim of a head-on collision has rights to medical treatments (long term if needed) as well as lost wages, vehicle repair, pain, and suffering. An experienced and assertive law firm may negotiate an appropriate settlement with your insurance carrier. If your case needs to go to court, a personal injury attorney should be willing and able to go to this level for you, and back. As an injured victim of a head-on car collision, case review consultations are always free.

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Auto Accident Settlement

$1.6 Million

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$11.1 Million

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