5 ways to better your chances of winning disability benefits

Social Security Disability Posted on Mar 27, 2020

Social Secutiy Disability Claim FormApplying for Social Security Disability benefits is complicated and time-consuming. Most people get denied on the first try. But when you can’t work because of health problems, you know you need those monthly checks to help you survive. You can take steps to improve your chances. Follow these five guidelines:

1. File fast

Apply for Social Security Disability benefits as soon as you realize you can’t work because of your health. If you file sooner, you qualify for benefits sooner—and you ultimately get more benefits.

2. Complete your application carefully

The application forms are long and time-consuming, but don’t leave anything out. A common mistake is failing to list every health problem you have, including not just physical problems, but mental health conditions too.

3. Fill out your prior work form thoroughly

You’ll only win benefits if you prove that you can no longer do the kinds of work you’ve done for the past 15 years. So on your application forms, explain your work in detail. Really think about what was demanding and difficult about your jobs and describe them to the Social Security Administration (SSA).

4. See your doctor regularly

One of the most important parts of your claim is the medical evidence that you only get by receiving regular treatment. If at all possible, go to your own doctor who knows you. Don’t go to a doctor appointed by the SSA, if you can avoid it.

5. Always appeal a denial

The fact is, most people get denied. It’s often when they appeal the SSA’s decision that they win benefits. So if an injury or disability is preventing you from working, don’t give up. Call our experienced Social Security Disability attorneys. We have helped thousands of Treasure Coast residents successfully appeal denied claims.

Treasure Coast Social Security Disability appeals attorneys

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You only have 60 days from notice of your denied Social Security Disability claim to appeal. We understand the challenges that you face after waiting so long to obtain the benefits you need. Let us help you with this last essential step in the process.

Call to speak with one of our experienced Social Security Disability appeals lawyers. You can attend a virtual consultation or meet in-person so you can find out the facts about SSD. We will take care of the complicated paperwork and ensure your application has the best possible chance of being approved. Call us today — 866-460-1990

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