5 reasons why you were denied Society Security disability benefits

Social Security Disability Posted on Mar 17, 2023

What to do if Denied Social Security DisabilityIf your Social Security disability claim was recently denied, don’t worry—you are not alone. Approximately 70 percent of all Social Security Disability applicants are denied when they first submit their claim. The good news is that you can appeal your denial.

Before you can start your appeal process, you need to first understand why your Social Security disability claim was denied. In this article, we share the five most common reasons why the Social Security Administration (SSA) denies disability claims and whether you should hire a Social Security disability attorney to help with your appeal process.

Top 5 reasons why you may have been denied Social Security disability

If your Social Security disability (SSD) claim is denied, we highly recommend speaking with a qualified SSD attorney to help you better understand why. In the meantime, here are the most common reasons for why applications are rejected.

1. You do not qualify as “disabled”

The SSA has a very strict definition of what it means to be “disabled.” You must have a qualifying medical condition, or else you cannot receive benefits. However, there is an exception. If your condition is not on the list and you still believe you qualify, the SSA must decide whether your condition is as severe as the medical conditions on their list. This is where an experienced Social Security disability attorney can help you with your appeal process.

Find out if your medical condition qualifies for SSD benefits here.

2. Your application is incomplete

As Social Security disability attorneys, we see this all too often. The application for SSD benefits is complex and can be confusing. As a result, many people fail to complete the application properly or leave out important information, such as providing medical documentation of your condition. The first thing we do when helping clients appeal their denied Social Security disability claim is ensure the application is complete and correct.

3. You didn’t provide sufficient medical evidence

This reason goes hand-in-hand with the first one, but many people fail to provide sufficient medical evidence of their condition. This almost always causes the SSA to deny your claim. To prove that you are eligible for SSD benefits, you must provide official medical documentation, such as medical reports, doctor’s notes, and test results.

4. You make or have too much money

SSD benefits are intended for individuals who are unable to earn enough money to support themselves through employment. The SSA refers to this as being unable to engage in “substantial gainful activity” or SGA. In 2023, the SGA income amount is $1,470. For people who are blind, the SGA income amount for 2023 is $2,460. If you make more than this amount, the SSA many deny your claim for disability benefits.

5. You didn’t work long enough to qualify for SSD

You can only qualify for SSD benefits if you have worked for a certain amount of time. If you are under the age of 24, you may qualify for SSD benefits with as little as a year and a half of work. However, the amount you need to work increases with age.

Qualification for SSD benefits is measured in credits. You acquire credits by paying Social Security taxes on your income. In 2023, you get one credit for every $1,640 you earn through employment. You can get a maximum of four credits per year (for $6,560 or more in earnings).

Generally, to qualify for SSD benefits you need 40 credits, 20 of which are earned in the last 10 years. Therefore, you need to have worked for at least 10 years before you can qualify for SSD benefits.

Should you hire a Social Security disability attorney?

If you believe you qualify and deserve Social Security disability benefits, but your claim is denied, you should contact our Social Security disability attorneys right away. We have helped thousands of Treasure Coast residents successfully appeal denied SSD claims.

Why you should hire our Social Security disability attorneys:
  • We work on a contingency fee. This means you do not have to pay out-of-pocket for our services. We take a small percentage from the back payments you are due. And, if we are unable to secure your benefits, you do not have to pay us anything.
  • We have a high success rate. Most people who resubmit their application are denied again. Having a lawyer will significantly increase your chances of appealing your case. Our experienced Social Security disability attorneys know exactly what to do to make sure you receive benefits if you are eligible.
  • We can help you get your benefits faster.  Because our attorneys know exactly what to do and what you will need to appeal your denied claim, we can help you get your benefits faster. You won’t have to waste time submitting your application again and again only for it to be repeatedly denied. It’s important to know that some claims do take longer, but for the most part, we make the process as short and stress-free as possible.

Speak to our Social Security disability attorneys today

Our highly experienced team of Social Security disability attorneys specialize in appealing denied Social Security disability claims. We are here to help you.

If your SSD claim was denied or you have questions about the application process, call our office to speak with an attorney. We offer free consultations for anyone who has questions about their denied SSD claim. Plus, we have four office locations in Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce, Vero Beach and Okeechobee.

To schedule your free case review with one of our SSD attorneys, contact us online or call 866-930-6435 now.

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