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Life in Lakewood Park offers an up-close and personal look at the Treasure Coast’s easy weather and beautiful vistas. Motorcycling, boating, and just easy cruising along the coast — St. Lucie County is made for enjoying the open road or a sunshine-filled day in the park.

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Unfortunately, any outing also brings possible dangers. Whether it’s injuries caused by motorcycle accidents, boating accidents, or automobile accidents, the dangers don’t go away just because the weather’s gorgeous. When that happens, turn to the law offices of Hoskins, Turco, Lloyd & Lloyd. A Lakewood Park personal injury lawyer can help you navigate the often-confusing and sometimes overwhelming worlds of injury law and insurance claims. Call 866-930-6435 or contact us online to schedule a free, no-risk case evaluation with a personal injury lawyer near you.

Hoskins, Turco, Lloyd & Lloyd Is Here for You After a Serious Injury

Our law firm has been there for accident victims along Florida’s beautiful Treasure Coast for over 40 years. We have a proven history of winning large settlements and verdicts for our catastrophically injured clients. While we cannot guarantee that every case will result in compensation, we can guarantee that we will provide you with our extensive legal knowledge and resources to increase your chances of recovery.

Some of the personal cases we most commonly see on Hutchinson Island South include:

Fighting for the Rights of Injured Victims in Lakewood Park

Florida’s reputation as a gathering state for retirees is almost a cliche, but there is some truth to it that stems from our state’s mild weather and breathtaking scenery. Whether it’s people looking for warm weather or “winter visitors” settling down for the duration, towns like Lakewood Park are the perfect place to enjoy the golden years. As a result, a little over a quarter of the 14,000-plus population of the community is made up of people 65 and older.

With good reason — Lakewood Park is one of the more out-of-the-way, rural suburbs of the Port St. Lucie area. The quiet, picturesque area also boasts several parks, and its proximity to St. Lucie County’s schools and entertainment facilities makes it an ideal spot for young families. With solid job growth and friendly to small businesses, Lakewood Park’s nondescript nature makes for a perfect spot for a home away from the bustle of the rest of South Florida.

Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer in Lakewood Park?

When you are injured, you naturally might want to avoid a situation where you are going to court or fighting with their insurance company. But the truth of the matter is that those two avenues are likely the only way to recover the high costs of a personal injury. Whether caused by an automobile accident or a slip-and-fall, severe injury can not only cost you serious money in health care and repairs, it can rob you of your ability to fully enjoy life in Lakewood Park.

Furthermore, know that most lawyers agree with the sentiment that they would rather not go to court. The most common strategy is to hope a claim can be settled with an insurance company or another individual out-of-court. Doing so saves time, money, and effort and frees up room on the crowded court docket for other pressing cases. However, sometimes it’s impossible to avoid a lawsuit or a jury trial to determine fault. In these situations, it’s important to remember the benefits a personal injury lawyer can bring:

  • Reducing Complication — Navigating both the courtroom and the insurance company’s rules can be incredibly complicated. Filing a claim often comes with very strict rules, and if you don’t have the know-how, it can hurt your chance for compensation. Winning in court often depends on proving negligence, and that’s not always as clear-cut as it seems at first glance.
  • Expediency — Just like hiring a professional plumber or mechanic to fix what they fix is often faster than doing it yourself (and is less likely to produce messy results), a personal injury attorney’s know-how can cut the process of compensation to a more manageable level. Even the simplest slip-and-fall case can result in months or even years of red tape, legal paperwork, and no end of other steps that must be taken.
  • Medical Necessity — Expediency becomes very important when you need compensation for medical injuries. Not only can you not wait to pay those doctor or physical therapist bills, but injuries can also hinder your ability to do the work needed to prove your claim. Having someone else to do that work, someone who’s knowledgeable, frees your time up to heal and get on with living.
  • Court Experience — Tangling with an insurance company is one thing. Having to go to court is quite another. You want someone who knows how the process works on your side. You could represent yourself in court if you so wish, but the other party will most certainly have professional legal representation arguing their case. Those lawyers are experts in ensuring you don’t get compensation, so having your own advocate can even the odds.
  • Objectivity — Perhaps the most important thing your personal injury attorney brings to your situation is objectivity. We’re trained in this and do not have the personal connection you would that could cloud judgment, making you settle for less than you’re owed or fall prey to other common manipulation tactics. At the same time, every client is important to us, and every court case is one we want to win. We fight passionately for our clients just as we fight passionately for justice and the right application of the law.

Reach out to Personal Injury Lawyers in Lakewood Park

Insurance companies don’t set out to intentionally take advantage of you, but the sad fact is they don’t make money if they pay for every injury claim someone files. Even if they do offer to pay, they will do their best to pay as little as possible while still meeting the terms of the contract. 

In the meantime, you’ll need compensation to pay medical bills, household expenses, and your family’s cost of living. Don’t let insurers convince you to accept less than you need. The law offices of Hoskins, Turco, Lloyd & Lloyd have over four decades of experience and have won clients of $500 million in claims. Let us help you. Schedule your free, no-obligation case review with a Lakewood Park injury attorney when you call 866-930-6435 or contact us online.

Verdicts and Settlements

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Auto Accident Settlement

$1.6 Million

Wrongful Death Settlement

$11.1 Million

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