What are the benefits of having a front dash camera in the event of a truck accident?

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What Are the Benefits of Having a Front Dash Camera in the Event of a Truck Accident?

When you’re in an accident that’s not your fault, it can sometimes be extremely difficult to prove another driver was responsible. They may have a different interpretation of the events leading to the accident, they may choose to lie directly to avoid blame, or they may even try to flee the scene before you have the time to collect necessary information from them. And though it’s unlikely a tractor-trailer would be able to pull off a very stealthy hit-and-run, they may try to blame you for the accident in the hopes of avoiding penalties on their driving record or increases in their insurance rates.truck with a front dash camera

In situations where there isn’t enough evidence to prove without a doubt that you’re not responsible for your accident, it may come down to a case of “he said, she said.” And without the evidence to prove responsibility one way or the other, you may be on the hook for the damages that would otherwise be covered by the responsible party. 

There is one bright spot, however: dash cameras. Camera technology has advanced immensely in the last decade, and nowadays you can get a cheap camera and storage for your car for less than $100. By having a dashcam recording whenever you’re driving, you are always collecting high-quality evidence and can put worries of unscrupulous drivers and their deceptive tactics to rest. This information can also be used by a savvy Florida truck accident attorney seeking to establish fault and help you reclaim your damages.

How a Dash Cam Can Help In the Event of an Accident

By having a camera pointed at the road ahead of you at all times, you ensure that anything that occurs in front of you will be recorded and saved for further viewing. Unlike eyewitnesses and the flawed retelling of events from drivers, a dash cam provides an undeniable recording of the incident, protecting you from drivers that might attempt to hide the true facts of the accident.

Also, beyond blatant deception tactics on behalf of other drivers, it is very easy to miss or forget important but small pieces of information while the events of an accident unfold. Accidents happen far faster than we’re able to perceive sometimes, which means we may not see or remember events that wound up leading to the accident. 

Furthermore, bad accidents can result in injuries that may cause unconsciousness or loss of memory. By ensuring your dashcam is working and recording before you set out on the road, you will have a replayable video of all events, meaning you can discover key details to fight for fair compensation without needing to remember everything yourself.

A dashcam may also protect you from serious financial repercussions in the case that you’re blamed for an accident you weren’t responsible for. If an opposing insurance company discovers that video evidence putting their client in a bad light exists, it may prompt them to offer a fair settlement more quickly, meaning you may have access to the finances you need to handle any medical bills, therapy, and lost wages from missed work all that much quicker.

Holding Negligent Truck Drivers and Trucking Companies Accountable

In some truck accident cases, it makes sense to target parties outside of just the drivers in some circumstances. A trucking company or property owner, for instance, may hold some responsibility for your accident. Ignoring necessary repairs to a tractor-trailer, pushing truck drivers to maximize their time on the road and neglect rest, or hiring inexperienced truck drivers historically may all contribute to a trucking company holding a certain level of liability in your accident. A property owner may be partially responsible as well if something on their property causes a hazardous condition on the road.

Keeping a dashcam in your vehicle can help capture evidence to prove responsibility on behalf of third parties. It may pick up on debris in the road or a dangerous truck condition that you might not have noticed at the time, for example. Having an extra set of eyes is a massive benefit when trying to uncover the details of how and why an accident transpired.

More Reasons to Consider Getting a Dash Cam

Beyond the obvious benefits of getting an infallible witness to all the events on the road before, during, and after an accident, there are added benefits as well. Many drivers have experienced receiving a ticket for a traffic violation that they didn’t commit. In cases where a police officer issues an unfair citation, your dashcam footage can sometimes help prove your innocence and have the violation wiped away.

Some cameras have added features as well, like a reverse-facing camera or a record-on-impact function. Some cameras can be used for theft detection and begin recording if they detect movement or sound. In some cases, you can even use a dashcam to bring justice to people who might try to lie about the events of an accident, or otherwise commit insurance fraud. Though this would probably not directly increase the amount you can fight for in your accident case, it may help convince a judge or jury that the other driver was more responsible for the accident.

A Seasoned Attorney Can Help Make the Most of Your Dash Cam Footage in a Truck Accident Case

When you’re fighting to recover from a bad truck accident, having a fair and nigh-infallible witness can boost your odds of recovering the maximum for your accident. By having a recording of your accident, the level of doubt an insurance or trucking company and their lawyers can cast on your accusations is minimal. When another driver is clearly responsible, a dash camera will often help your case immensely.

At Hoskins, Turco, Lloyd & Lloyd, we’ve been fighting for the rights of Florida’s injured accident victims for decades and are dedicated to every client we serve. By seeking the help of an experienced truck accident lawyer in your area, your chances of successfully recovering the maximum for your injuries increase. We want to help you fight for what you deserve, with or without the help of dashcam footage. Call us at 866-460-1990 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation today.

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