Bankruptcy, A Financial Fresh Start.

In a Bankruptcy Proceeding, when your financial security is at stake, it is important to hire an experienced and competent bankruptcy attorney to guide the way and ultimately ensure you receive that in which you are legally entitled -- A Financial Fresh Start! And when it comes to selecting that attorney, it makes sense to hire a local Bankruptcy Attorney who has the resources to fight for your future. 

Bankruptcy is the legal means by which an individual or incorporated business reduces or completely eliminates financial obligations, thereby providing a Fresh Start. The Courts understand that financial hardships exists, often time at no fault of the individual, and allows debts to be eliminated, reduced or simply provide time to catch up on missed payments.

Bankruptcy -- Understanding the facts and the fallacies. 

It is a major misconception that if you file bankruptcy you will lose your house, your car and it will destroy your credit. These are all misconceptions and an experienced bankruptcy attorney can ensure that the Court will not seize your assets and oftentimes credit scores increase after filing for bankruptcy protection.

Bankruptcy can be a complex process, and with many years experience as a bankruptcy attorney here in Port St. Lucie, Vero Beach, Fort Pierce, and Okeechobee, Colin Lloyd has the expertise to guide you through this difficult time. And because your financial outlook is at risk, we provide FREE same day consultations so you can learn your options and start looking forward to your financial future.

Which Bankruptcy is right for my situation?

Chapter 7 (Liquidation) - A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the most common and traditionally what most individuals believe to be a bankruptcy filing. In a Chapter 7 most debts are immediately discharged within a few months of filing bankruptcy. The Court does restrict the amount of assets an individual may protect before being required to turnover such unprotected assets to the Court. An experienced bankruptcy attorney at our firm will carefully review your assets to ensure that this does not happen without your consent prior to filing the bankruptcy petition.

Chapter 13 (Reorganization) - A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is where an individual proposes a payment plan with the Court whereby payments are made on a monthly basis to the Court. The Court does not seize assets, rather allows an individual who has more assets than can be protected to voluntarily set up a payment plan to keep those assets. The Court additionally allows an expanded or Super Discharge in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy where certain debts that are nondischargeable in a Chapter 7 can be discharged. It is often possible to eliminate a 2nd Mortgage on an individuals homestead real property and/or reduce the mortgage on a piece of non-homestead real property to fair market value. This allows individuals to eliminate tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars more than they ever believed was possible. An experienced bankruptcy attorney is critical to have on your side to ensure you maximize the benefit of your bankruptcy filing.

At Hoskins, Turco, Lloyd & Lloyd our experienced team of Bankruptcy attorneys, led by Bankruptcy Attorney and Partner Colin Lloyd, have helped thousands of clients make a fresh start and get back on their financial feet. During your complimentary bankruptcy consultation at any of our offices in Port St. Lucie, Vero Beach, Fort Pierce, and Okeechobee we'll sit down with you and take the time to discuss the personalized Bankruptcy or Foreclosure option that best fits your particular scenario. And we have developed customized payment plans which are also tailored to your specific financial situation. 

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