Five Social Media Tips to Protect Your Personal Injury Claim

Personal Injury Posted on Jan 08, 2019

Our online presence is public, and the things we put online can never really be removed. No one wants private photos or information made public. However, even seemingly innocent information can cause big trouble if you’re involved in a personal injury lawsuit.

  1. Stop posting.Don’t put up fun pictures with your friends and family. Don’t post comments about parties or events. We’re all trained to smile for photos even if we’re in pain, so it’s easy for the insurance companies to portray you as acting happy and healthy.
  2. Don’t post about your injury.
    This may seem counterintuitive. You’re really hurt—why can’t you say so? Unfortunately, a small slip in wording or a timestamp can open cracks in your case. It’s best to keep all the relevant information off of social media. In general, you should never discuss a pending lawsuit, whether in person or online, with anyone other than your attorney.
  3. Set your privacy settings to “private.”
    Check your privacy settings. Your social media accounts should all be set to “Private.” Set your account to require your approval if anyone tags you or tries to place something on your “wall.”
  4. Talk to your friends and family. 
    A friend’s picture of you or comment on your wall can be just as damaging as your own photos. Remind people that you’re involved in a lawsuit and that you’d prefer not to be included in their social media presences.
  5. Watch out for strange friend requests.
    There have been reports of insurance company employees creating accounts and sending “Friend Requests” or the equivalent to injured parties in order to gain access to their private pages. Do not accept a request from anyone you don’t know personally during your case.

Your Personal Injury Attorney Can Help Protect Your Personal Injury Claim

As an experienced personal injury attorney in South Florida, Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer Steve Hoskins and his team of top-rated injury lawyers have been helping clients minimize the impact of social media on their personal injury claims for years. Indeed, speaking with an attorney immediately after your accident is the best way to learn what you should (and shouldn’t) do to maximize the financial award you may be entitled to as a result of your injuries.

Don’t let your social media feed derail your financial recovery process. Be smart about your social postings and get better results today.

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