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Whether it’s traveling up A1A or tooling around the Treasure Coast, South Florida is perfect for motorcycles. We have flat land, a mild climate, and gorgeous scenery that’s every rider’s dream. From the beaches to Lake Okeechobee, it’s almost harder to stay off the bike than it is to stay on it.

motorcycle accident

However, motorcyclists face not only all the same dangers as regular motorists but also quite a few of their own. A patch of sand blown from a nearby beach could cause a spill out of nowhere if hit at high speed. And no matter how boss your bike is, in a collision with any 2,000-pound automobile, you’ll most likely come up the loser.

If you find yourself fighting with your insurance company or another driver after having an accident, you’ll need an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Okeechobee. The attorneys at the firm of Hoskins, Turco, Lloyd & Lloyd are in your corner. We have the experience, experts, staff, and resources to dedicate to your case and make sure you get to have the highest chances at obtaining the best compensation possible. 

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Motorcycle Owners Face Unique Dangers in Okeechobee

According to a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, motorcycle accidents accounted for over 89,000 injuries in 2017 with 5,172 fatalities. Florida motorcyclists were 18.5% of all traffic fatalities, the eighth highest in the nation. 

Unlike many states, riders in Florida aren’t required to wear a helmet if they’re over 21 and have $10,000 or more in insurance. Helmetless riders account for over 2,000 deaths a year.

While motorcyclists share certain dangers with other drivers, such as drunk drivers or speeding, some are particular to them. They include:

Lane Splitting

Motorcyclists in Florida are allowed to ride two abreast in a lane, and it’s illegal for any other type of vehicle to share a lane with a motorcycle. While it is legal in some states for a bike to split lanes — that is, drive in between two vehicles in parallel lanes — it’s illegal in Florida. This also applies to vehicles that want to pass (quite unsafely!) within the same lane as a motorcycle.

Even off the highway, where it’s sometimes referred to as “stripe riding” or “white lining,” lane splitting is illegal in Florida. A rider never knows when a car might shift lanes suddenly or even open its door while stopped in heavy traffic. Just don’t do it and watch out for others who may attempt it.

Road and Weather Conditions

While it goes without saying that a poorly maintained, damaged, or weather-stricken road represents a danger to any driver, even pavement in good repair can be dangerous for a cyclist. 

Slick pavement just after a rain is more precarious than even during a hard rain because the oil and grit ground into the pavement is loosed by the rain. High wind can make maintaining control of the bike difficult, while sand blown off a nearby beach could be just as hazardous as an oil slick. Motorcycle riders must maintain constant vigilance looking out for hazards on the road they’re traveling.

Other Drivers

Most of us are all-too-familiar with the fact that not every driver on the road is paying attention to what they do. They may be messing with the radio, operating their cell phone, or their mind may just wander off. 

What might just be a fender bender to a normal automobile could be fatal for a motorcyclist. Even when a driver is paying the normal amount of attention, a cyclist is often harder to see than a full-sized vehicle. Sharp left turns or changing lanes can lead to sideswiping, while following to close might result in rear-ending a car. Neither is anything you want to do while on the seat of a bike.

Common Types Of Settlements Sought By Motorcyclists

If you’ve had an accident in Okeechobee and decide to seek compensation with a motorcycle accident lawyer, you can seek two types of damages: special and general. 

Damages that can be tallied into dollars-and-cents amounts are considered “special damages.” They commonly include:

  • Hospital bills, including future doctor visits or physical therapy
  • Lost wages or decreased wages in the future due to injuries
  • Vehicle repair bills or personal property replacement

General damages, on the other hand, cannot be given a dollar amount. They represent subjective damages, like the hardship of dealing with an injury that keeps you from walking for several days. 

General damages can be documented by your Okeechobee motorcycle accident lawyer, who can then seek compensation for you based on compensation for similar damages as awarded in past cases. Common general damages include:

  • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Loss of consort with a spouse or partner
  • Disfigurement or disability caused by injuries

Proving Negligence In A Motorcycle Accident

Perhaps the most important thing in a motorcycle accident case is proving who was negligent in the accident. In a nutshell, “negligence” means whoever is at fault and responsible for the accident. More specifically, it’s when one party (an individual or company) fails to perform their expected “duty of care”, or adherence to a reasonable standard of behavior that would prevent an accident.

Negligence can include a speeding driver or one who was distracted and not paying full attention to the road. It can also apply to poorly maintained roads or faulty motorcycle parts if they are shown to be the cause of an accident. 

Once negligence is shown, a knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney can then seek the maximum possible compensation for their client, oftentimes settling out of court for a specific amount.

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