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A brain injury can cause lifelong medical changes, along with significant pain and suffering. If you or a close loved one have been affected by a brain injury as a result of a personal injury caused by someone else’s negligence, then you deserve to be informed of your options for seeking appropriate compensation.

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An Okeechobee brain injury lawyer can assist you with building a strong claim against all negligent parties. We help you calculate the full extent of damages, including all covered past medical care as well as projected future medical costs. In addition, we can help you seek all of the income you’ve lost as a result of your brain injury, including scenarios where your injury permanently prevents you from obtaining the income you once enjoyed.

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What Damages Are Available After an Okeechobee Brain Injury?

The exact value of your claim must be determined based on the unique factors of your case. Your losses — called “damages” — are calculated with the help of your Okeechobee brain injury attorney. They are also fully documented through paperwork and, sometimes, the input of subject matter experts.

Common damages sought after a brain injury accident include:

  • Coverage of past medical expenses
  • Compensation for projected future expenses
  • Replacement of last wages
  • Benefits for a permanent disability that results in reduced earning capacity
  • Replacement or repair of personal property
  • Compensation for your pain, suffering, and mental hardships

What Kinds of Accidents Lead to a Brain Injury?

There are many scenarios that can cause a brain injury to occur in Okeechobee. They include:

According to data from the CDC, falls are the leading cause of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the US, especially among children 17 years or younger and older adults above 65. Motor vehicle crashes are the second-leading cause of TBI-related hospitalizations.

Being struck by or striking against an object was the second-most common reason for TBI-related Emergency Department (ED) visits.

Intentional assault is another common cause of TBI, especially if the violent perpetrator used a blunt object or forced the victim’s head against a hard surface.

Who Is Responsible for the Costs of My Brain Injury?

Any negligent party can be held liable for your brain injury-related damages. To establish that a party was negligent, the injury victim must be prepared to prove that the defendant breached an expected duty of care, directly leading to the injury and its corresponding damages.

Motor vehicle crashes are one of the most common reasons a brain injury has occurred, so you and your TBI attorney in Okeechobee can work to hold at-fault drivers accountable for the damages they caused.

If your accident was related to a fall, you and your attorney will determine if the fall was the result of a negligent property owner or if it was more directly related to a defective product, such as an unsafe ladder.

In TBIs involving minors, it’s possible that someone who was supposed to be supervising the child failed in their duty to protect them from harm. That or a dangerous product could have led to the circumstances of their accident, such as a faulty bicycle helmet design that failed to protect the rider from head trauma.

In the case of an intentional violent act, the perpetrator could be held responsible, but so can the property owner or manager if they provided negligent security despite knowing of the risk of violent crimes.

The exact person responsible for your brain injury damages depends entirely on the circumstances of your injury. You and your Okeechobee personal injury lawyer will investigate the circumstances of your injury, review any applicable laws or prior case rulings, and then pursue the maximum amount of damages available under the law.

Let Hoskins, Turco, Lloyd & Lloyd Help You Recover After Serious Head Trauma

Returning to your old life — or establishing a new normal — is incredibly difficult for head injury victims if they lack the financial resources needed for appropriate treatment. If you have been seriously hurt and are worried about how to pay for your medical bills and other losses, then look to an attorney team that is ready, willing, and waiting to assist you.

Call the Law Firm of Hoskins, Turco, Lloyd & Lloyd today to learn more about how we can help you with your case. We will put in the effort required to file a strong insurance claim naming all of your damages. We are also willing to take your case to court if a reasonable settlement agreement cannot be reached.

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