How to Acquire Your Lakewood Park Police Report

A total of 12,090 residents (Est 2017) populate Lakewood Park’s 4,288 acres of land — conveniently situated between the Vero Beach Regional and Treasure Coast International airports. The Indian River Lagoon runs parallel to coastal U.S. Highway 1, which hugs Lakewood Park’s eastern border. Just 8 minutes to the west is popular Interstate 95, the north-south artery for tourists and shipping between Miami and New Brunswick, Canada. 

Considered a retirement community, Lakewood Park imparts a rural-suburban feel with its 80% owner-occupancy rate and notable Spanish Lakes Country Club, Indian Pines Golf Club, and Fleming Island Golf Club. Because Lakewood Park is not incorporated, it is classified as a census-designated place (CDP) by the U.S. Census Bureau. As such, it falls under the jurisdiction of the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office (SLSO).

In the United States, traffic accidents continue to be the greatest cause of personal injuries. We all see it every day — distracted drivers, road rage, and erratic behavior with drivers swerving in and out of traffic to reach their destinations a few seconds faster. With no-fault insurance being the standard for Florida drivers, many traffic crash claims tend to be routinely minimized or denied altogether. Without legal guidance, a victim’s unintentional omissions or incomplete knowledge of their rights may cause a justifiable claim to fall off the radar.   

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As a public service, Hoskins, Turco, Lloyd & Lloyd is pleased to share our Lakewood Park police reports resource page with our community residents and their guests. This content includes applicable Florida statutes and personal research time spent with each referenced law enforcement agency — providing a clear path for Florida victims of traffic crashes searching for their police reports.

Custody and Release of Your Lakewood Park Police Report  

In 1967, Florida met the challenge of becoming the very first state to enact a Sunshine Law — the landmark regulation that demands openness in government and in business. As you connect with local records custodians, the Sunshine Law is very evident in their willing transparency to improve public trust. 

You will see that Section 316.066 of our Florida Statutes defines the circumstances demanding creation, submission, supervision, and control of law enforcement traffic crash reports. Here is the 2-step legal process of Florida police reports, as they move from confidential status to open public record. 

Confidential Period – First 60 Days

The 60-day confidentiality period begins with the submission of the deputy’s traffic accident report to the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office. This privacy measure protects allows ‘exempt parties’ a proper timeframe in which to assess the factual data and ramifications of the report.  

‘Exempt parties’ are defined in Section 316.066 (2) (a&b) as individuals directly involved in a traffic collision, along with their attorneys and insurance carriers. Certified media who are qualified to publish legal notices may also have access. A personal request for police report copies requires a valid photo ID matching one of the parties named in the report. These individuals are seldom charged for their copy, provided that extensive time and research by the clerk isn’t necessary. 

SLSO may also require that you accompany your request with a sworn statement during the confidential period, which can be witnessed by a notary or deputy for added proof of exemption. Note: These statements must stipulate that the released documents will not be used to solicit victims of the accident, nor be disclosed to a third-party for this purpose.

Public Record – After 60 Days

Florida Statutes authorize traffic accident police reports to be made available as ‘public records’ after the 60-day confidential period has elapsed. At this point, police reports may be acquired by any party by paying the statutorily required fee of up to $10.00 per report. These requests will not require photo identification or sworn statement. They may be purchased at the new Florida Online Crash Portal by adding a $2.00 transaction fee per copy. 

Police Report Requests for Lakewood Park FL 

As a census-designated place, Lakewood Park and other non-municipal areas of St. Lucie County fall under the jurisdiction of SLSO. The investigating deputy sheriff attending the accident scene will create a narrative description of the incident. Factual data such as driver identification, proof of insurance, notations of damages, and evident injuries will be reviewed and approved prior to submitting reports to the records department.   

The records department manager suggests that you call or come into their office during the confidential timeline. There is no fee for a single copy of the police report. The order of easiest access for the clerk to find your record is by giving them the involved party name, case number, and then location. Once the police report has become a public record, you may purchase a copy online at the Florida Crash Portal for a $12.00 fee. 

Contact information for requesting these police reports in person, by mail, email or phone, are provided as follows:

St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office

Records Custodian

4700 W Midway Road

Fort Pierce, FL 34981

Phone: 772-462-3299, ask for traffic records

Email: [email protected]  

Hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Days: Monday – Friday

Closed: Holidays


Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) 

If your traffic crash occurred on Interstate 95 or U. S. Highway 1, then the Florida Highway Patrol would have jurisdiction. These officers are also asked to respond during severe emergencies on surface streets within Lakewood Park. 

During the 60-day confidential timeline, you may obtain a police report copy in person by visiting the jurisdictional FHP office. In St. Lucie County, your closest FHP office is provided below. When this privacy timeline has passed, your FHP accident report is now public record and may also be purchased online at the Florida Crash Portal

Florida Highway Patrol

2929 N 25th Street 

Fort Pierce, FL 34946

Phone: (850) 617-3416, option #1   

Lakewood Park Traffic Accident Attorneys  

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